Terms and Conditions

Specifications quoted on the website are to the best of our knowledge correct however JJN Electronics Ltd reserved the right to alter specifications where necessary. Purchasers must make their own enquiries as to whether goods contravene any laws in the country or countries of their intended use. JJN Electronics Ltd is unable to warrant that the goods comply with the laws of any country or countries. 

Execution of orders is contingent upon the availability of goods and the absence of any circumstances beyond the control of JJN Electronics Ltd, which hinder or prevent such execution. 

JJN Electronics undertake to make every effort to ensure that the goods are delivered promptly, however, no liability will be accepted for delay in despatch or delivery of goods.

Every product sold with a twelve-month guarantee against failure during normal use; however there is no guarantee as to the suitability for any specific purpose even if that purpose is known to JJN Electronics Ltd. The goods sold by JJN Electronics Ltd are not sold on a trial basis and refunds will not be given under any circumstances, however, we understand that a customer may purchase a product in error that is unsuitable and we will at our discretion allow a part-exchange to be made from a more suitable product from our range.

The material contained on this website, including photographs may not be reproduced without the permission of JJN Electronics. Copyright  1996 - 2017 JJN Electronics Ltd. All rights reserved.

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